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Industry-Specific Information

Industry Sector Guidelines

Technique Overview

When businesses, recreational activities, or social events resume during the COVID-19 pandemic, companies, and operators must have guidance on how to do so as safely as possible. The placement (or lifting) of social distancing interventions are one of the only tools public health practitioners have to prevent death and disability from COVID-19, until a vaccine or effective treatment is developed.

COVID-19 is an insidious virus – and public health responses must attempt to prevent extensive asymptomatic spread, unlike any previous pandemic virus. While widespread testing and swift isolation and quarantine of those infected or exposed are essential, due to resource constraints, they are not as useful right now as the significant social distancing imposed by the Governor’s Executive Order.

In all sectors of our society, we must:

  • Swiftly identify and exclude contagious persons from contact with others.
  • Swiftly exclude exposed persons from contact with others.
  • Protect workers from exposure from asymptomatic or symptomatic co-workers.
  • Protect workers from exposure from asymptomatic or symptomatic customers.
  • Protect customers from exposure from workers.
  • Protect customers from exposure from other customers.

Techniques to achieve these tenets include:

  • Physical distancing.
  • Engineering / environmental controls.
  • Administrative controls.

Industry-Specific Guidelines

The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity has developed industry specific workgroups to evaluate and provide guidelines for a safe reopen. The guidelines are designed for employers of all sizes to implement directives issued by the state in returning safely to in-person work. We strongly recommend that before implementing any of the resources that you carefully evaluate, and consult with outside legal counsel as appropriate, the legality, applicability and potential efficacy of this information in your place of business. Please also note that these documents may be updated as new guidelines become available.