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Vaccine Information

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the Ingham County Health Department are providing updates on COVID-19 vaccination plans for Michigan including priority groups, vaccine development, the safety process, and more.

Current resources and information

Pertaining to the MDHHS and Ingham County Health Department Vaccination Plans (Last updated: Mar 24, 2021)

Vaccination for COVID-19 is the path forward to controlling the disease and protecting Michigan residents. This guidance outlines the strategy for vaccine prioritization for the State of Michigan and will be used by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), as well as public health and health care, to allocate and administer vaccines. This guidance may change as information evolves and more vaccine types become available.

The information in this document will change frequently as we learn more about COVID-19 vaccines. There is a lot we are learning as the pandemic and COVID-19 vaccines evolve. The approach in Michigan will adapt as we learn more.

From the State of Michigan press briefing on Dec. 11, 2020, this presentation includes information about the CDC vaccination approval process, vaccine administration, vaccine safety monitoring, vaccine allocations within Michigan, the initial vaccine distribution plan, Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR), ACIP’s goals for prioritization, ACIP’s ethical principles, the CDC social vulnerability index, priorities and phases.

Additional Toolkits/Resources

The Ad Council developed sseveral communications toolkits to help community partners educate and provide answers to their members and stakeholders. These free, easy-to-use toolkits include messaging tips, videos, FAQs, social and digital media assets, educational events, and research that was rigorously vetted by CDC.

Public Health Toolkit

Black Community Toolkit

Hispanic Community Toolkit

Black Faith Toolkit

Hispanic Faith Community Toolkit

Additional Resources

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More information about the COVID-19 vaccine trials.

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How mRNA vaccines train your body to detect and stop COVID-19.

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Please continue to visit the COVID-19 Vaccine Information page for updates.

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